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The members-only nutrition club offers you the perfect recipe to achieve your health goals in just 16 weeks.

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Introducing Infinite Energy Club

At Self-Care Growth, we are committed to helping you achieve your health goals.

Our 16-week nutrition program has been designed under the supervision of certified nutritionists and dieticians, with the intent to help you achieve your fitness goals within a limited duration, without giving into trials and errors.

In order to counter the negative influence of binge eating disorders (BED), improper diet and lack of a daily exercise regimen, we offer you healthy yet tasty meal preps and cooking ideas that ensure wellness, bridging the nutrition deficiency.

Our Strategies

To Help You Reclaima Healthy Life

We aim at preserving maximum goodness in the platter you are served, besides a full proof fitness regimen that is dedicated to keeping you fit and active.

  • Diet Charts A customized plan structures the amount and intervals along with the choice of food, inspiring you to eat right.
  • Fitness RoutineExpert-curated fitness practices include a bit of yoga, aerobics and strength training for optimum results.
  • Weight Loss PlansWe put a check on you going overboard by setting up a fortnightly weight loss target.
  • Healthy Recipes Tutorials help you prepare the most delectable dishes, optimizing your calorie intake.

Join The Health Community

As a member of Infinite Energy Club, you join a group of people how are all on the same journey toward better health! You get a chance to interact with members and experts, share your experience, ask questions and stay motivated.


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